Under the Blue Gum Tree: Haemul Pajeon (Korean Seafood Pancake)

Having devoted every post so far (and there are not many of them) to baking, I thought I'd write about something a little different tonight.  Although I've yo-yoed between fat and a bit thinner several times in my adult life, I'm not one for following 'faddy' diets and have been particularly sceptical about joining the current 5:2 'craze'.  I know an already slim lady who has done it and she is now so thin she looks like she'd snap in two.  A friend who has tried (and will admit she failed at) every diet under the sun in her many moons on this planet has also had great success.  But to me, the idea of stuffing your face five days a week and then starving twice a week is anathema.  I'd rather just go with sensible every day with the odd treat thrown in.

At the moment, I'm doing okay because I'm back running so burn off a fair few calories each week.  I eat a pretty balanced diet (and probably a few more snacks than I should) but my weight is stable.  But in the not-too-distant, I will have to hang my running shoes up for a while and go back to watching what I eat.

Perusing the Guardian website last weekend, I happened across Felicity Cloake's Reader Recipe Swap on the 5:2.  All the 'diet' food sounded just great. but when I noticed that the winning recipe was submitted by Clare from Under the Blue Gum Tree, I knew I had to try it out because it would be a good one.

I 'met' Clare via Twitter through our shared love of Dan Lepard's books when I was doing the 366 Recipe Challenge.  Clare has challenged herself to do 5:2 this year and loves how it fits into her lifestyle.  Personally, I'd find the idea of skipping breakfast really hard to do some days but if it would help me drop the last half stone I want to shift once I can't run any more then I'm game for a go at this.

So tonight, having run seven miles, I rewarded myself with the whole of Clare's pancake as it's only 502 calories (the run burned nearly 900).  And quite frankly I'm stuffed to the gills.  I was actually teetering on fullness after the first half, but valiantly soldiered on as there was nobody around to finish the rest*.  I could definitely see this working as something for me to take to work for lunch if I ever do 5:2.

Because I was a numpty and used up my peppers in veggie chilli earlier this week, I used half a diced courgette instead.  Eating so much green stuff made me feel even more healthy and much less guilty about the caramel egg I scoffed when my run was done.

You can find the recipe here.  

*Quite a big bite of the elephant tonight

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  1. Thanks for such an epic mention. I'm so glad you enjoyed the dish and well done on soldiering on and eating the whole pancake! I am rather envious of people who can enjoy running. Unfortunately being humiliated during school cross country means I have a mental block where exercise is concerned and have to resort to faddy diets ;-) Sadly I don't look like I'd snap in two as a result of the 5:2 diet. I rather wish I did!