Here we go....again!

Well here we are at the inaugural post of my latest blog.  This is the one where I fill you in a bit on what you can expect so that you can either (hopefully) bookmark the page and come back to visit again; or decide that it's probably not for you (I sincerely hope not).

I've recently spent a year blogging over at The 366 Recipe Challenge.  This saw me try a new recipe every day for a year, then photograph the results and blog about it.  Blogging daily for a year was pretty intense.  It started out as a bit of a random challenge but morphed into a personal odyssey.  At the end, I was overwhelmed to get 50,000 page views over the year - and the stats are still rising steadily even though I've stopped posting.  More astonishingly, people kept asking when I was going to start a new blog.  I still can't quite get round the fact that people are interested in reading what I write.

After a lot of Advanced Pondering (I can't navel gaze*), "How to Eat an Elephant..." was born this very morning.  I did have another working title that was quite dear to my heart but I just couldn't think a way of kicking it off.  However this title sprang into my head this very morning as I was lying in bed, contemplating the massive personal mountain that lies ahead of me over the next year or two.  A very good friend of mine - who swallowed The Management Buzzword Dictionary - is forever telling me to not try and eat the whole elephant and to only take tiny bites.  So this will be the story of my tiny bites of elephant as well as some jolly big bites of some very good food.

Although my last blog was very food-oriented, it also became a brain dumping ground for all manner of things that entered into my head and needed a home.  This blog will be in the same vein - just more measured in its output and less frequent.  The prose in the 366 Recipe Challenge was literally just whatever was at the forefront of my frontal lobe, spewed straight across the keyboard of my Mac.

I like to think that I have a reasonable grasp of spelling and grammar, but I cringe when I get round to re-reading old posts and discover that my fingers were unable to keep up with the stream of consciousness that was flooding forth.  So I'm setting out with the plan of actually re-reading and editing what I type before I post.  Whether or not I'll stick to that is anyone's guess.

Food wise, you'll most likely find an awful lot about baking.  I discovered a passion for this over the last year.  Of course, there'll be some Christmas stuff coming up.  Other than that, I'm not really sure.  You will probably be relieved to know that I have no intention of trying to catch and cook an elephant. Not even a small one.

So there you have it.  Post number one.  I'll follow it up shortly with something else when I get round to doing something interesting with food. Until then, I hope you like the accompanying pic.  It was sent to me by another good friend recently whilst we were both lamenting our current lots in life.  I think everyone needs to be reminded of this once in a while.

Becks x

*My navel hasn't been seen since about 1983.  These days you can fit an entire Malteser in my belly button.  Don't ask how I discovered this.  I just did.  And yes, it melted before it got fished out.